Young readers can end hunger & poverty.

With Read to Feed's new app, young readers have the power to make a difference in the palm of their hand. All they have to do is read.


How does it work?

Reward young readers

Parents, you can set a donation amount for each book your young reader completes.

Donations make an impact

Each book completed by your young reader provides help to families in need.

A literacy tool for everyone

No matter where you are, libraries of books, reading goals and tracking are all part of the app.

Free for everyone, always

Whether you're fundraising or tracking summer reading goals, it's always free.

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Your friendly guide, Hatch, keeps young readers engaged.

  • Helpful reading alerts are key to buliding good habits.
  • Get instant progress updates about big milestones.
  • Track your reader's impact around the world.
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Young readers can earn Egg-stra credit!

A whole new way to track your young reader's progress. Each time your student completes a few questions about what they're reading, they will earn eggs that equate to real impact.

  • Real impact earned by reading
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Give young readers an
impactful reading tool.